Medically Supervised Weight Loss



Medically Supervised

Your diet experience is a “Golden Opportunity”. Begin eating healthy for life! Maintaining weight loss over the long term starts with a healthy diet. The key to a successful Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program is “moderation”, not elimination. Your weight loss diet must contain:

  • Fruits – Deeply Colored


  • Vegetables – Deeply Colored or Strongly Flavored


  • Protein – Broiled Meat – Beans/Nuts – Eggs/Cheese/Yogurt


Exercise is a key factor in any weight loss program, but you don’t have to be an “exercise freak” to add productive activity to your life style. Here are a few basic facts about exercise with a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program.

  • The more energy you burn with physical activity, the faster and more efficient the weight loss process will be.


  • The more you do with your body, the better your will feel.


  • You are already performing a number of activities that can be modified to burn even more calories.

If you’re not having success trying to diet on your own, it’s time to consider a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program. You can reach your ideal self, thru diet, exercise, education, and Medical Consultation.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

  • First visit:
    • Measure weight and body fat


    • Physical exam including heart, lungs and blood pressure


    • Urinalysis to rule out diabetes


    • Weight loss booklet with instructions for diet and exercise


    • Prescription for appetite suppressant


  • Second visit in one month


  • Follow up visit two to three months later.

(Average weight loss varies, but generally about five to ten pounds a month.)